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(Рус) ЛьвовЭкоФест – 2016


Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian and Ukrainian.

Salad oil for true culinary masterpieces!


TM “Khersonski Oliyi” prepared a surprise for everyone, who appreciates quality and exquisite taste! We started to produce oils of first cold pressing for salad coating.
Our oils are a combination of excellent taste and beneficial properties!
Salad oils of TM “Khersonski Oliyi” are a perfect coating for a variety of salads.
Our spicy mustard seed oil and fragrant pumpkin seed oils will impart a wonderful aroma and delicious taste on salads!
Meals with such oils will be even tastier and more beneficial! A wide range and high quality will satisfy even the most demanding customers!

The “Richoil” company as a producer of organic products



Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear Partners!
We are pleased to inform you that the “Richoil” company successfully has been successfully tested for certification as an organic producer! Now, we can offer you organic first cold pressed oils! Our product range has increased, and now you can buy our organic flax seed oil and organic unrefined sunflower seed oil.
We are proud that the “Richoil” company also contributes to the development of the organic movement in Ukraine, because this means healthy Ukrainian people and preserved environment for the future generations!

Forum “Organic Ukraine 2016”



The main objective of the “Richoil” company is to produce quality and safe products, and the issue of organic production is very important and urgent for us. That is why we took part in the second national forum “Organic Ukraine 2016” in March, at which many important issues were discussed: control of organic products in Ukraine, limits of responsibility, criteria of confidence in the organic market, cooperation between the state and the organic sector and labeling of organic products.
We are glad that in Ukraine we have so many like-minded companies that are working in the organic sector and produce really quality products. We are especially glad about the fact that Ukrainian consumers will have more and more opportunities to buy quality and safe organic products.

Congratulations to our internal auditors!



“Richoil” company congratulates the Manager of Quality Systems Olena Romanyshyn and the Procurement Department Manager Mykhailo Pukalyaka to the successful completion of the course and being awarded the qualification “Internal Auditor of Management Systems of Food Safety in accordance with the requirements and provisions of ISO 22000: 2005 and ISO 19011: 2011”.
We are confident that having such responsible and professional internal auditors, the Management System of food safety at the “Richoil” production facilities will always meet all requirements of the standard and the quality of our products will always be of the highest level!

To be a producer of organic products means responsibility!



The staff of the “Richoil” company is always ready to develop and improve. Therefore, we regularly attend various events to improve our qualification and professional level. In December last year, our employees underwent a training course under the name “Rules of handling organic products at the enterprise”. Standards for organic production, documenting the organic production, identification and labeling of organic products – this is only a small part of the knowledge that we got during the training course.
We express our sincere gratitude to the QS Advisory Group on organic farming for training and high level of professionalism!



IMG_1894_ IMG_1895_

One of the biggest expos of Сentral and Eastern Europe – international food fair POLAGRA FOOD was held this September in Poznan (Poland).
For sure, we could not miss such an important and interesting event. That is why Richoil Company took an active part in this fair. This is a great opportunity for us to prove that Ukrainian products quality is as good as European.
We are proud that our Company makes its contribution in popularisation of healthy food and quality products.
We are pleased that our products developed the sincere interest of fair visitors, as well as appreciation and positive feedback after tasting our oils.
We express our appreciation to POLAGRA FOOD management for prospective promising contracts and the new experience helping to make our job even better!

RIGA FOOD – 2015


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This September Richoil Company took part in Riga Food 2015 international fair. This leading food fair in Baltic States is held every autumn in Riga. It gathers together thousands of industry professionals, leading manufacturers from around the World, the ones working in food industry, beverages, food processing, technologies, packaging, equipment and catering services, hotels and shops.
This year it was the twentieth anniversary fair, which gathered a record number of participants from all around the World! Nearly 700 companies from 37 countries demonstrated their best products and services.
We are proud to be one of those, who worthily represented Ukraine and the quality Ukrainian product! Wide range of Richoil’s oils and their excellent taste were highly appreciated by exhibition participants and visitors.
Many positive reviews and impressions, new experience, new business contacts, new plans, new ideas and new partners – is only the part of what we brought home!

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