EuroAgro 2017

Participation in the exhibition EuroAgro 2017


Our team took part in the EuroAgro 2017 exhibition, which was held in Lviv with the support of Kielce Targi S.A (Poland) and “Gal-EXPO” (Ukraine). Traditionally, the tasting of oils was organized and had a huge success – more and more people are thinking about their health. Thanks to the organizers for the excellent work, and our customers for the demonstrated interest and hundreds of questions regarding our products.


Indagra Food & Carnexpo Romexpo


Indagra Food & Carnexpo is one of the largest exhibitions of food and technology in Romania. Richoil team participated in this exhibition as a exibitor and with honor presented products. There were a lot of questions about the use of cold pressed vegetable oils, since the culture of their use isat the very beginning of popularity in this country. The tasting surpassed all of our expectations, and visitors’ feedback on the quality and taste of each oil indicated an increasing demand for quality, environmentally friendly and nutritious food.



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(Рус) ЛьвовЭкоФест – 2016


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Salad oil for true culinary masterpieces!


TM “Khersonski Oliyi” prepared a surprise for everyone, who appreciates quality and exquisite taste! We started to produce oils of first cold pressing for salad coating.
Our oils are a combination of excellent taste and beneficial properties!
Salad oils of TM “Khersonski Oliyi” are a perfect coating for a variety of salads.
Our spicy mustard seed oil and fragrant pumpkin seed oils will impart a wonderful aroma and delicious taste on salads!
Meals with such oils will be even tastier and more beneficial! A wide range and high quality will satisfy even the most demanding customers!

The “Richoil” company as a producer of organic products



Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear Partners!
We are pleased to inform you that the “Richoil” company successfully has been successfully tested for certification as an organic producer! Now, we can offer you organic first cold pressed oils! Our product range has increased, and now you can buy our organic flax seed oil and organic unrefined sunflower seed oil.
We are proud that the “Richoil” company also contributes to the development of the organic movement in Ukraine, because this means healthy Ukrainian people and preserved environment for the future generations!

Forum “Organic Ukraine 2016”



The main objective of the “Richoil” company is to produce quality and safe products, and the issue of organic production is very important and urgent for us. That is why we took part in the second national forum “Organic Ukraine 2016” in March, at which many important issues were discussed: control of organic products in Ukraine, limits of responsibility, criteria of confidence in the organic market, cooperation between the state and the organic sector and labeling of organic products.
We are glad that in Ukraine we have so many like-minded companies that are working in the organic sector and produce really quality products. We are especially glad about the fact that Ukrainian consumers will have more and more opportunities to buy quality and safe organic products.

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