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масло черного тмина

Black cumin oil


In the East, there is a legend that one day a messenger of Allah, who appeared to Prophet Muhammad, told about the miraculous properties of black cumin. He finished his speech by saying that this plant was capable of healing any disease, except «as- sam». «What is “as-sam”?» – asked the Prophet’s wife, who overheard the conversation. The Prophet answered: «This is death.»
Indeed, the healing properties of black cumin have been known for thousands of years. For example, Egyptian queen Cleopatra enjoyed bathing with black cumin tincture. Her predecessor, Nefertiti smeared her skin with black cumin oil to preserve her beauty and youth. We can judge about its beneficial effect from the surviving portraits of the queen.
Egyptian Pharaohs did not part with the magical oil not only during their life, but also after their death: for example, a jar of black cumin oil was found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun.
The healing power of the miracle plant was described by the ancient physicians Hippocrates, Avicenna and Dioscorides.

Black cumin oil contains over one hundred components, most of which are metabolic catalysts in the human body. It is rich in vital fatty acids, including myristic, palmitoleic, stearic, palmitic, oleic, linoleic and arachidic acids.
In addition to saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, black cumin oil contains substances that catalyse natural cells biosynthesis such as lipase, multivitamins of A, B, E complexes, tocopherols, alkaloids, catechins, enzymes and other substances.
Vitamin E, found in black cumin oil, is essential for immunity development. Furthermore, water balance of the skin, heart and blood vessels function depend on its amount in the body. Being a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E slows aging processes and normalises reproductive system.
In addition to the components listed above, black cumin oil is rich in useful minerals and trace elements. Calcium strengthens the spine, bones, teeth; magnesium, «metal of life», is involved in more than three hundred reactions necessary for normal body functioning; sodium plays an important role in the intracellular and intercellular exchanges; potassium normalises heart rhythm, regulates water-salt exchange and is necessary for many other processes in the body. In addition, black cumin oil contains protein, iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine and niacin.
According to the research conducted by the National Cancer Institute (Jefferson, USA), black cumin is an effective means of cancer prevention. Its component – thymoquinone – is a potent anticancer agent, which significantly inhibits growth of cancer cells.
The value of enzymatic and lipolytic properties of black cumin is so high that it is used to produce drug «Nigedaza» which treats chronic gastrointestinal diseases (cholecystitis, enterocolitis, enteritis, hepatitis, pancreatitis).
Unsaturated omega -6 and omega -9 acids, phytosterols, vitamins A, C and E strengthen and increase elasticity of the blood vessels walls, reduce capillary fragility, prevent blood clots and normalize blood pressure. By lowering cholesterol levels in the blood, active substances of the oil prevent atherosclerotic plaques and inflammation in the cardiovascular system. Regular consumption of black cumin oil is an excellent preventive measure for atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension, vegetovascular dystonia, varicose veins, diseases associated with cerebrovascular disorder, thrombosis and thrombophlebitis.
Regular consumption of black cumin oil normalizes digestive system as oil’s useful components have choleretic action, improve peristalsis of the intestine, restore intestinal flora balance and maintain stomach acidity. Phospholipids positively affect cleansing function of the liver and prevent fatty liver disease. Black cumin oil is a great preventive measure for gastric and duodenal ulcers, dysbiosis, gastritis, colitis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis and cirrhosis.
Vitamins A, E, D, B1, B3, trace elements of potassium, zinc, manganese, selenium and some amino acids that make up black cumin oil regulate blood sugar levels and synthesize insulin, which is certainly useful for people suffering from diabetes.
Polyunsaturated omega -6 and omega -9 acids and some other oil components, which improve lipid metabolism and lower cholesterol levels, can prevent obesity.
Black cumin oil facilitates expectoration and bronchodilatory action, so it is useful in the treatment of upper respiratory tract diseases. Having hypoallergenic effect and being able to resist viruses, the oil is helpful in case of pneumonia, bronchial asthma, rhinitis, bronchitis, sinusitis and colds.
Phytosterols, vitamins A, E, and a set of trace elements contained in black cumin oil are useful for reproductive system: by boosting libido and sexual vigor, normalizing testosterone levels, they improve blood circulation in reproductive organs and prevent their inflammation. Therefore, black cumin oil is recommended in case of erectile malfunction among men, prostate adenoma and prostatitis.
Oestrogen-like phytosterols, fatty acids, vitamins E and B contained in the oil, restore hormonal balance in women; prevent inflammation and tumours. Therefore, black cumin oil is very helpful in case of female reproductive diseases, mastopathy, menstrual disorder.
Phospholipids and B complex vitamins enhance brain functioning and nervous system in general. Thus, it is advised to use black cumin oil to improve memory and enhance mental activity.
In cosmetology black cumin oil is recommended to people with problem skin, suffering from inflammations and acne, and to treat various skin conditions. In addition, the oil is perfect for oily skin, since it cleans and shrinks pores as well as prevents acne. Black cumin oil cures acne, eliminates inflammation and accelerates skin regeneration. It boosts skin elasticity and reduces face puffiness.