100% natural oils of the first cold pressing

TM "Eco-olio" natural oils are well known in the Ukrainian market and are presented in many stores of natural products and healthy food. Thanks to its useful properties, high quality and optimal value, TM "Eco-olio" oils is the choice of many people who care about their health and the health of their families!

TM “Eco-olio" oils is 100% natural oils of the first cold press. Oils are made from high quality raw materials without the use of chemicals, without preservatives and colorants. Own laboratory controls the quality of products at all stages of production. Also our oils undergo constant quality control in the leading laboratories of Ukraine and Europe and comply with all domestic and foreign standards. Our oils undergo radiological control. At the international tasting contest WorldFood Unkraine, our oils were awarded a gold medal.

Organic flax oil is made according to ORGANIC standards, with all strict requirements.
Organic sunflower oil is made according to the standards of ORGANIC, with all strict requirements.
We use only ecologically clean plant raw material, which has undergone radiological control.
Due to technology of the first cold pressing, our products keep all unique natural plant properties.
Our products are exported to the EU countries, so the quality of products meets all European requirements.
Our products are recommended by "Ukrainian Institute of Human Ecology".