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RichOil » Blog » Ukrainian manufacturer of seed oil «Richoil», known on the Private Label market, has rebranded its own trademark «Eco-Olio». Henceforth the trademark will be called “Olibo”

Ukrainian manufacturer of seed oil «Richoil», known on the Private Label market, has rebranded its own trademark «Eco-Olio». Henceforth the trademark will be called “Olibo”



The company decided to rebrand to modernize its positioning. Also, the name needed to be renewed due to changes in the Ukrainian legislation on organic growers. To leave the accustomed product recognizable, we did not change the design of the packaging, just refreshed it according to customer expectations. The name “Olibo” was chosen not by chance. Olibo, Olivo – the biological names of olive (Olea europaea). The healing properties of olive oil once pushed the owner to be engaged in manufacturing of natural oils. One day, when he traveled to Greece and was surprised by the manufacturing process and the fact that local people use olive oil in all spheres of their life: from cosmetology to cooking. Health properties of this oil have been proved by Hippocrates, and the Greeks know a lot about how to be careful of their health. Returning to Ukraine, he was grimly determined to be engaged in manufacturing the same useful natural oils. But as raw materials they decided to use their own, which is closer to Ukrainians genetically. Oil consumption from flax, hemp, pumpkin was for centuries one of the secrets of Ukrainian health. Unfortunately, the consumption of these oils in the Soviet days was displaced by the accustomed sunflower oil, but now the company RichOil and its own trademark “Olibo” is working on the reestablishment of these healthy traditions: because it’s great, because it is delicious, because it is valuable, because it is unique, because it is simply VERY USEFUL! In the visual positioning, green color was used to emphasize the completely organic oil formulation. The laconic and short logo emphasizes the essence of the product – nothing extra. The name and logo have been renewed, but the products will continue to be of the same high quality without the use of chemical additives and preservatives. Products under the renewed trademark have been released early on last March.
It is a reminder that the company Richoil is engaged in the manufacture of natural seed oils from nontraditional raw materials such as flax, milk thistle, amaranth, black cumin, mustard, hemp, sesame, walnut, pumpkin oils. We manufacture oils using the extra virgin production method without the use of chemical attractions. The company successfully achieved the certification of organic production. The company is also engaged in the manufacturing of both organic and gluten-free products and is one of the largest exporters of craft oils in Ukraine.